About Infor RS

Restaurant point of sale and enterprise solutions

In the modern, competitive, multi-unit restaurant industry, you need technology solutions that give you an edge. The tools that help you provide excellent customer service also need to help you more effectively manage costs, production, and employees, all with the reliability you demand from a mission critical system.

Infor Restaurant Systems provides solutions for quick service, table service, and hospitality operators that want innovative, easy to use point of sale, and enterprise solutions.

SmartSeries is a fully integrated suite of restaurant software products designed to meet the needs of all areas of your business, from corporate headquarters to the restaurant floor. SmartSeries is easy to use and offers a lower cost of training.

Solutions can be scaled to meet every size establishment and organization, from the single-store restaurateur to a large franchise, and even multiple concept companies.

With over 37 years experience in designing state of the art solutions for the industry, Infor Restaurant Systems solutions are installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide. Our current generation SmartSeries point of sale and restaurant management software offers advanced sets of quick service and table service functionality that can easily be configured to fit the growing number of concepts that require the best of both worlds. By combining the performance and production benefits of a QSR product with the full feature flexibility of a TSR system, we can tailor SmartSeries to fit your concept's requirements.

By doing what we do best, Infor Restaurant Systems allows you to do what you do best—run your restaurants.


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